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RE:P Bio Fresh Mask Real
Nutrition Herbs REVIEW BY Hyowoo

RE:P Bio Fresh Mask With Real Nutrition Herbs

Bio Fresh Mask With Real Nutrition Herbs

I think most of you already know well about benefits of herbs. Herbs have been used as a therapy remedy for body and mental disorders for a long time. With Re:p bio fresh mask which contains amazing benefits of herbs, I’m going to share my review story!

Bio Fresh Mask With Real Nutrition Herbs_2
This product is enriched with real hand-crushed rosemary and peppermint to deliver abundant nutrition to the skin as a nutrient peeling pack. While I use this product, what is quite interesting is that I feel very refreshed by the natural scent of herbs which delivers an aroma therapy effect. It is not only easy to use as a home-spa mask also useful to exfoliate because of real hand-crushed herbs within it.

Bio Fresh Mask With Real Nutrition Herbs_3
Here is how it works! Before applying it, I washed my face and applied a suitable amount of mask with clean fingertips over my entire face avoiding eye and lip area. Then gently massage with fingertips in a circular motion for a gentle exfoliation.

Bio Fresh Mask With Real Nutrition Herbs_4
As seen in the images above, contained real hand-crushed herbs help gently peel away impurities, excess sebum and even all dead skin cells on face and in pores. Then, I relaxed for about 10~15 minutes to deliver nutrition to my skin to achieve smoother and softer skin. After that, rinsed thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Bio Fresh Mask With Real Nutrition Herbs_5
After all the steps, I could feel more elastic and smoother skin than the one before using it. I have a terribly dry flaky skin, but after using only this mask, even without any skin care routine, I didn’t feel tight at all. How much glow my face is! (check the photos above) My skin feels even firmer and healthier than before!

Because of lack of the moisture and my very delicate skin, it is very irritating and hard for me to choose a right product for skincare or makeup. But I finally found the one, it is way better than I expected. This line has 3 different types of mask, Calming herbs, Vitality herbs, and Nutrition herbs, and I sincerely would recommend this nutrition type among them to people who have dry flaky skin like my skin type! And then, you will know what I mean. :D


Written by Hyowoo Lee


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